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Delicious Fresh Vegan Food in Phoenix, Arizona

Hello and thank you for visiting Community Cuisine – the place to get your vegan food in Phoenix – delicious, healthy and affordable.

Vegan Food in PhoenixWe are your community cooks. That’s something like chefs for a group of people who eat similar foods. We are happy to have the opportunity to serve vegan food in Phoenix AZ.

Our community of customers likes food made from scratch. Food that is prepared with fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, mostly organically grown and from a local source if possible. Therefore, we use a great variety of plant-based ingredients. Vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds and a wide range of spices and herbs. Eating such a spectrum of plant-based vegan food may help you with health and weight issues. At the same time, you enjoy the richness of flavors of clean ingredients. That’s what our customers tell us about the way we prepare the food.

We love feeding people.

It is a very personal thing to make the food others eatorganic, vegan food, community cuisine, GMO free. We feel privileged to cook for you. It is meaningful to us to contribute to your well being and enjoyment by making healthy foods tasty and fun to eat.

There is a more serious side to our love of feeding people.We are acutely aware of how many people in our city live in food insecurity. As many as one out of seven seniors, one out of four children may go to bed hungry on any given day in our beautiful Valley of the Sun.

We are offering a small, but meaningful contribution to a solution of the problem. Every Monday night we hold a Pay As You Can Community Dinner. There we serve our high quality food to everyone independently from their ability to pay for it. This concept allows us to feed some in need, but also feed all that come on a different level. At Community Dinner we share a unique experience that is rooted in the values of connection, contribution, inclusion and compassion.

We believe keeping these values at the heart of what we do makes our food better in ways we can’t explain, but our customers can taste.

Ingrid and Daniel Hirtz

on behalf of the staff of Community Cuisine
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