About Us

Our Community Cuisine team:
Ingrid Hirtz – Founder, Chef
Sandy Liberman – Chef
Mario Etsitty – Chef
Beth Big Eagle – Prep Chef and Kitchen Support
Daniel Hirtz – Website, Logistics, Customer Service
James McKee- Community Dinner Kitchen Manager
Jaine Rao – Volunteer Manager, Community Dinner Support

… and all the wonderful volunteers that help us to produce our Monday evening community dinners. Thank you all so much!

Ingrid HirtzIngrid grew up in her parents’ restaurant in Vienna, Austria, where her mother, a professional chef, taught her to cook. Ingrid learned to love food and cooking for people. Her passion for food and social justice created Ingrid’s Better Earth Cuisine. The growing, selling, preparing and consuming of food is one of the most basic and inclusive energy exchanges between all life forms on this planet. It is Ingrid’s desire to bring balance and honor to this most basic need.

“I love feeding people. I cook for you like your mom, watching out for your health and trying to spoil you a little by making sure your favorite dishes are being served. You can be sure that I cook for you with love, care and respect for all of life.”

Ingrid Hirtz

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Katrina Friess says:

    I live in the UK and love the sound of what you are doing but please could you explain to me in more detail about how your organisation works so that I could work out whether I could do something similar here? Thanks very much

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Katrina, I don’t know if Ingrid already responded to you but we are currently developing a model but we are not really in a position to share it yet. It is our desire to create a model that others like you can use to start something like Community Cuisine in your community. Please stay in touch 🙂

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