Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

“The price of everything is the amount of life it costs.”
‐ Henry David Thoreau

Quality Standards

    • All food is made fresh1
    • Local, almost all organic vegetables (local farmers cannot always supply the USDA organic seal. We make sure to get to know them to understand how they grow their vegetables. In summer the percentage of locally grown vegetables is lower)
    • All legumes and grains are organic
    • All frequently used spices and herbs are organic
    • Only high quality oils, usually organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil are used
    • Sea salt only
    • All sauces made from scratch, lots of fresh herbs and great variety of spices (many spices have notable health benefits)
    • Very little use of dairy and wheat – this is meant to balance the overuse of these ingredients in the commonly available foods
    • Gluten-free baked goods, low in sugar, often sweetened only with dried fruit or organic maple syrup
    • Dairy, eggs, cheese, wheat, corn and refined sugar are only used when noted. The use of nuts is also noted to help those with allergies avoid menu items containing allergens.
    • Preferred vendors are those who we know personally and who are local. Organically grown ingredients are chosen whenever possible. Please ask us what that means.

We keep track from where our ingredients come and are happy to share this with those who want to know.

1 organic tomato sauce from glass jars is used when tomatoes are not in season and organic coconut milk comes from a BPA -free can.

*If you have any concerns please send me an email at

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