Aloo Gobhi Jar


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Aloo Gobhi Jar – a complete Indian meal in a jar. Three Layers: Dhal – Toor Dhal* and red lentils*, red onion*, tomatoes*, ginger*, garlic*, turmeric*, coriander seed*, cumin seeds*, curry leaves*, asafetida, lemon juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, fresh cilantro*, chili powder*, green chili*, Himalayan pink salt. Jeera Rice (aromatic rice): white rice*, bay leaves*, cinnamon*, cloves*, Mace powder, star anise*, cumin seeds*, extra virgin olive oil*, Himalayan pink salt.  Aloo Gobhi (mixed vegetables): cauliflower*, potatoes*, green peas*, carrots*, turmeric*, cumin*, coriander*, paprika*, Garam Masala*, garlic powder* – vegan, gf


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